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Liam Smith is a Designer and Illustrator from Weymouth, Dorset. Got your next project in mind? Head to the Contact page!

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Illustration of Hendricks Gin and fruit

From Illustrator to Photoshop – A Small Preview


Ahh Gin…

Although I may expand on this in the future, I wanted to give a small preview into part of my process in illustration.

A few months ago I started an illustration on Hendricks Gin as I’m a big gin drinker! It gave me a chance to expand on my style, using grain/grunge Photoshop brushes to add texture along with the burn/dodge tool for shadow and light.

Although I enjoy flat vector illustration for many reasons (speed being one!) there are times when it doesn’t quite feel complete depending on the subject matter, and that’s when I utilise Photoshop.

So take a look below and you have any questions about the process, ask away!

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