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My First iPhone iMessage Sticker Packs

Recently I have been working on illustrating and creating my very first iMessage sticker packs, and I’m happy to say at this time, they are now in the Apple App Store!

character sticker pack

My first pack ‘Fun Multi-Character Stickers’ is a compilation of old characters I have designed in the past, with a couple of new friends for good measure. Towards the end of creating this pack, I started on my second as I had an idea and this is where The Bear With Many Disguises came about. The idea was to have one main bear character that liked to dress in different costumes, which would give people different variations when using these stickers.

The stickers were certainly the easiest part of the process originally, although naturally at least 18 per pack can be a little tough to fill. But it was the uploading process that was more time consuming at first, as simple mistakes made the stickers impossible to upload, and promo material would still need to be designed. Thankfully the process has gotten quicker.

bear with many disguises stickers

The plan is to make a large number of sticker packs, at least 20, so it will be a long process overall but I’m sure it will be worth it. Having my own illustrations on the App Store I think is something to be quite proud of. I remember the first time I tested the stickers on my iPhone through Xcode and there was a great sense of pride to see them actually working.

This blog post is an announcement as it could be a consistent new direction for me but I’m wondering, would you like a more detailed post? A full description of the process from designing your stickers, to uploading to the App Store? Let me know in the comments or through Twitter.

Check out my current packs of iMessage stickers in the App Store here. Obviously any support would be much appreciated!

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