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Liam Smith is a Designer and Illustrator from Weymouth, Dorset. Got your next project in mind? Head to the Contact page!

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automate instagram ebook

How To Automate Instagram – eBook Guide

As of 2018, Instagram has around 150 million users. Quite daunting if you want to make a name for yourself on the platform. For over a year now I have been learning about automating Instagram accounts in different niches to earn money and publicity via shoutouts

imessage sticker packs header

My First iPhone iMessage Sticker Packs

Recently I have been working on illustrating and creating my very first iMessage sticker packs, and I'm happy to say at this time, they are now in the Apple App Store! My first pack 'Fun Multi-Character Stickers' is a compilation of old characters I have designed


12 Tips to Raise Your Instagram Game

Instagram and it's ever changing algorithm can be a tough nut to crack. Here's my 12 tips to help boost your Instagram profile and get noticed! 1. Engagement Want to be noticed? Then notice other people. Search hashtags relevant to your interests, brand or niche and engage! I